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Brief explanation

This is my Multi-Search Tool, which I use to facilitate quick creation of flashcards for my Danish studies. When I have words/phrases/sentences I wish to learn there are many things I can need: translation; image; audio; conjugation. Using this tool I can input all the desires phrases at once and open all the tabs of a specific kind; taking what I need from each and closing the tab when I am done. This has allowed me to group together different types of work, and has been much more efficient for me than manually typing / searching for each page individually, for every new card I wish to make.

There are a few sites I frequent whenever I am studying Danish:

  • Forvo: a fantastic site for pronunciation of (almost) any word, spoken by natives.
  • Google Image (Danish version): to search for images to add to my flashcards, so I can associate the word with the object itself. I always try to search the Danish word in the .dk page, so the results will be most relevant.
  • Verbix: to lookup verb conjugations.
  • Ordnet: to get definitions in Danish, which I can sometimes muddle through.
  • Bab.la and Google Translate: and for when I can’t muddle through the above, I use these sites to get definitions. They are not nearly as reliable as a native dictionary, though.
  • Tatoeba: to get examples sentences which use words I want to learn, from any starting language.

How does it work?

Simply type a word / phrase / sentence into the box, one per line, and then click the desired site’s button below. That page will open for each entry in the box.

Opening multiple words on one site

If you want to open the Forvo page for “Book”, “Test”, and “Exercise” simply enter each on a new line and click Forvo. Same for full sentences.

AllowPopups & AllowPopups

Opening words on multiple sites

Using the “Open All Ticked” button you can open multiple sites at once, and have the pages for each word side by side. Simply tick each site you wish to open, then a page for each site, for each entry, will be opened.

Potential Issues

You may have to allow your browser to open multiple tabs at once, the first time. AllowPopups