I have created an Anki Flashcard deck for in order to help myself people remember the territory names :world_map:

Haven’t ever used Anki before? Have a look at this Anki Beginner Steps page, which may help :+1:

The deck currently only covers the Classic map, but I can add the other variant maps easily enough if there’s any interest.


On the front of the card you see all the territories, with one blanked out by a square.


On the back the covered one is revealed. There is one card for each territory. Simple stuff.


The cards were made using the lovely Image Occlusion Enhanced Add-on (the 2.1 version currently available on his Patreon).


Hardcore Deck

Do you want a more challenging version of the deck, where no other countries are shown? Look no further:

The red/orange one is the one being asked, and all territories are colour coded: blue for water, green for SCs, and grey for non-SCs.


Then on the other side it is shown, while the rest remain hidden. You can always choose to view them all here using the “Toggle Masks” button on the bottom.